Lewis Hamilton 1/1 Hand Drawn "Classic Showpieces" Series 2 "Sketchbooklet" CS-12 (Please Read)

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This is a 1 of 1 mini sketchbooklet. It consists of TWO HAND DRAWN 3.5x2.5" trading cards of F1 Superstar Driver, Lewis Hamilton. The cards have been permanently affixed to a custom, handmade hardcover booklet. This is the twelfth card in my Classic Showpieces: Series 2 Collection and took a combined 26 hours to draw using graphite pencil. I have hand signed the back of the booklet. No copies or reproductions will be produced.

Please note that there may be imperfections on the card stock and/or booklet such as minor scuffs or nicks and/or may be off-center. Although the booklet is made of durable, acid-free materials, I recommend limiting the handling of it.

Stay tuned for the next release in this 20 card series.

More about the Classic Showpieces Collection:

Prior to drawing the first Classic Showpieces set in 2022, I had done work for a few large trading card companies where I would draw directly on their 2.5x3.5" canvases. I fell in love with the process and the challenge of drawing on such a small scale. I left those projects hungry to do more, my way. 
Classic Showpiece Series cards are meant to be the centerpiece of collections and proudly displayed. Athletes are rarely, if ever, drawn more than once.

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