100% Hand-Drawn with Pencil

"I love the nostalgia and relatability of pencil.

Everyone, at some point, has at least picked up a pencil and attempted to draw something."

Watch a drawing come to life

Sometimes seeing is believing

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Absolutely incredible talent! Beyond impressed with my print! Can't wait to further my collection of Dan's work in the near future!
— Evan James
Customer reviews
Amazing work! These beautiful pieces are now a wonderful focal point in my office display of Avalanche items. Thanks for the great communication and speedy shipment from Canada to the US! I can't wait to see what you do next!
— Dan
Customer reviews
This drawing/print is incredible! Can’t wait to frame it. My husband was super impressed as well. Will be ordering more prints in the future! Danny’s customer service was also exceptional. Quick, fast replies!
— Jenna-Rae
Customer reviews
Amazing work by Dan! We are so happy with our prints and will be ordering more in the future. Speedy delivery too!
— Elyse
Customer reviews
I can not say enough about the talent of this artist.
— Royal
Customer reviews
The print arrived like, 15 minutes ago (today, 11/25/2020). To be honest, I don't have many words to say. Because it's simply wonderful. Amazing. Super. Fantastic. This drawing is a real art work and deserves to be put in a sport museum. Also the package and the shipping method was brilliant, from Canada to Italy, my country.
— Fabio
Customer reviews
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! INCREDIBLE QUALITY, GORGEOUS design!! Rocket fast shipping, incredible service!! ONE TRILLION PERCENT PERFECT!! Thank you so much!! 😍 💓 💗 💛 ☺️
— Robin
Dan Pietens

About the Artist

Proudly Canadian, 33 year old pencil artist.

Over the course of my life I have undertaken several occupations and chased many careers including teaching, physiotherapy, and web development. It's somewhat ironic that the one that brings me the most joy is the one that I avoided longest.  

Creating art that others, even strangers, are willing to display in their homes is the greatest honour I can think of as an artist.  

Every piece I create, whether it be a commission or one for my personal portfolio, I make sure I develop a connection to it.  By connecting to the subject I can be that much more passionate about what I am drawing.  To me that’s the key to great art…passion and patience. 

With every drawing I do, I approach it like it will be my last.  Since returning to art, I have experienced wonderful support from family, friends and even strangers.  Therefore, I feel as though continuing to share these pieces with others for as long as I can is a true gift.

Besides drawing, I have many other passions. Activities I enjoy include golf, volleyball, basketball, and drive-in movies. To be honest, I am more of a home-body as I love watching TV (anime, The Office, sports), playing board games, and video gaming.

I currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada.  I have a loving wife and amazing fur-baby, Jake.  


900 King St.

London, ON, Canada

Saturday, 8am - 3pm
Sunday, 10am - 2pm