LIMITED EDITION "Air Jordan" | Chicago Bulls


This is a LIMITED EDITION (X/123) print of a drawing I did of NBA Legend, Michael Jordan. The print is approximately 12x15" including the artist bar.

Drawing the Greatest of All Time is no easy feat, especially when it comes to capturing the impact of a sports legend like Michael Jordan. 
I knew for sure that I wanted to depict him as though he was flying. So I started with drawing one of his iconic dunks in the center of the page. Even though I loved it the way it was I knew behind every one of his slams was a confident, competitive mind. Positioned literally behind the center image, I added a faded emotive portrait. I now had a piece that accomplished exactly what I wanted, but something was missing. I didn't want to ruin the seemingly infinite white space that Mike was leaping to for the sake of balance. Then I was struck with the image of the @jumpman posters I had in my room as a child. They all had the same words, "AIR JORDAN". That was it. With delicate pressure and a steady hand, I added the words in a minimalistic style.
Even though I still consider it impossible to truly capture everything Jordan did throughout his decorated career, I am confident that I have rendered him the way I always saw him, a dominant, limitless competitor. I hope you appreciate the love and thought that I put into this piece. 
Your print will be hand signed by the artist and numbered out of 123.  It also will be embossed with a Pietensart Certified Genuine stamp and will not be watermarked. Please note that the tone and color of your print may vary slightly from the picture.