Dustin Brown Jersey Retirement Gift

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This was my second opportunity collaborating with the LA Kings. This time they wanted a drawing for their long-time retired captain, Dustin Brown. Having done a gift for Drew Doughty the year before, some elements were to remain consistent: a detailed portrait, and highlights from his time with the team. However, there were a few extra challenges...

Dustin wasn't simply a hockey player to the Kings. Not only was he a Beast and Champion on the ice, he was also a devoted husband and father. It was important for me to capture these 4 pillars of "Brownie".

The right side features a large, detailed portrait of Dustin while the left features his jersey number, "23", which contains several elements. The "2" highlights the Beast and the Champion. Within it are his historic Stanley Cup lifts along with his playstyle defining hit on Sedin. The "3" contains moments celebrated with his family. In addition, I added a faded background of him looking to the rafters holding the jerseys retired before him.

Time to Draw: 186 hours
Medium: Graphite pencil on paper
Size: 1296 x 712mm (representing his career games played and points)